4 Wellness Tips

4 Wellness Tips

4 things that have profoundly changed my overall health and well-being. After lots of trial and error when it comes to health and wellness, these are some wellness practices and guidelines that I have implemented in my life and that makes a difference in the way I show up in the world. 

Hot & Cold Therapy - Research has shown that the use of hot and cold therapy reduces inflammation, aids exercise recovery, support’s immunity and reduces cortisol levels to name a few. For the past couple of years, I’ve been implementing the use of both these practice in my wellness routine. I love always learning more about this, and would highly recommend following @drmarkhyman and @hubermanlab for educative content.

Organic food - This one is big. Buying organic means that all your vegetables come pesticide free. Australia still allows the use of pesticides that have been banned by the European Union because of their harmful health impacts. Organic farming also helps maintain and enhance soil fertility and and prevent soil erosion. Meaning, you will receive maximum nutrients in your organic food from mineral rich soil. I love going to the markets and also to @flannerysorganic for my weekly shop.

Reduced Caffeine intake - As much as I LOVE my morning coffee. Switching my morning coffee for a matcha or a juice has done wonders for my overall wellbeing. Caffeine can elevate cortisol levels, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. As an early morning Pilates teacher, I used to struggle with anxiety and insomnia from the the early wake-ups and go go go. Since quitting coffee along with reducing stress my anxiety levels are almost non-existent.

Pilates - Here we go. This is what I based my life around haha. I don’t even know where to begin to explain how passionate I am about exercise. It makes me feel SO GOOOD. Not only does exercise better your insulin sensitivity. It also helps you reduce cortisol levels, increase endorphins and is great for you both your physical and mental health. I’m very intuitive in the way I move my body and have found that Pilates and walking works best for me. I aim to move my body everyday and am very careful not to over exercise.