What is jenniesoderlind.com?

Jenniesoderlind.com is an authentic online Pilates platform that offers a library of Pilates classes ranging from 10-60 min. These classes are designed to challenge you both physically and mentally leaving you feeling strong, inspired, and motivated.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up here, you will get access to our online portal where you will find the video library, wellness page and challenge programs. In your members page you will get access to unlimited Pilates classes, recipes, challenges and endless support and encouragement.  

If you have any class requests or questions, join our Facebook group to connect with our community where we motivate and inspire one another to show up, in workouts, health, relationships and life.

Do I need equipment?

All you need to participate in our classes is a mat. However, in some Pilates classes (not all) we recommend the use of Pilates equipment such as ball and ankle weights to make it extra spicy. You can purchase the equipment in our shop. If you don’t wish to use equipment you can participate without.

Are your classes POST and PRENATAL safe?

Prenatal – Our classes are not pregnancy safe.

Postnatal – Our classes are safe if you have received clearance from your doctor to return to exercise that includes intense Pilates exercises without an instructor present.

I have never done Pilates before, can I participate?

Absolutely, our beginners classes is a great starting point. In these classes we explain more about technique and move in a mindful pace that is easy to follow. Once you feel comfortable you can advance to our intermediate and advanced classes. How exciting.

Will these classes be challenging enough?

Our pilates classes has everything you need. They're authentic, fun, strong, challenging and will leave you feeling all the endorphins. In our classes, there’s no stopping and changing, everything moves in a flow from beginning to end. This makes our classes super effective, even in the shortest of times.

Do you have challenges?

Oh, boy do we love a challenge. We believe that challenges can inspire consistency, routine and motivate us to show up, both on our mat and in our everyday life. We offer challenge programs several times a year and they are free for all members.

Other Enquiries? Let's chat.

Please email us at hello@jenniesoderlind.com