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I wandered into one of Jennie’s classes over 6 years ago with next to no pilates experience. After years of HIIT and weight based training, I quickly learnt how tight my body was and all the ways I had been compensating through incorrect technique. I became addicted to Jennie’s classes… Not only are they engaging and fun, but for the first time in my life, I was seeing the results I’d been aiming for. Through learning proper technique and building strength with lengthening movements, the lower back pain I’d experienced for years disappeared and my uneven hips are now perfectly aligned. Jennie’s classes didn’t just help with my posture and alignment but taught me to feel strong, empowered, and the power of showing up for myself. Her classes are invigorating, upbeat and feel damn good! 6 years on and I am still as addicted now as I was back then - the only difference is that I can now take her anywhere with me. Anyone interested in a workout that will make you laugh (maybe swear), have you feeling sexy AF and benefit the longevity of your mind and body.

 – Tika Mccdonald


I can't vote highly enough for Jennie and her Pilates classes. Don't be fooled by her sweet disposition and smile, her classes burn and dare to say she is solely responsible for my bum, legs and abs.Not only is she a expert at what she does, but she also has the sweetest soul, a wonderful sense of humour and every single class of hers has a different meaning, not only will you EVER be bored but you also feel the benefits of a full body workout.She balances every class with some much needed relaxation so expect to feel nourished from the inside and out.

 – Jacqui Hunt


I have been an online member since the very beginning! & I am SO SO thankful for this amazing platform. I use this consistently and regularly, weekly. I am time poor, always have been, so I love the fact there is a range of classes with times and that I can do this whenever suits me! Not having to rush to a studio, or be late, which in turn would make me feel stressed. I love just being able to roll out my mat at an odd time and get the best workout in. I feel like I am in an actual class (not online), the cues, the body positioning and the setting up for exercises is so well explained. The workout I get is so effective, I don’t feel heavy and sore, or inflamed, I feel very well lengthened, strong and confident. I feel SEXY! I always laugh and enjoy my sessions and finish on a high. My body and mind has changed so much, for the positive, my core is so strong, so is my mind. Appreciate you Jennie & the classes you provide me and the rest of the community.

 – Nicole Dix


Engaging in this online platform is nourishment for the body and soul. Jennies ever-engaging style of pilates is like no other. There is a vivacious energy and connection that come through in her classes, even through a screen. Being able to access high quality pilates classes anytime fits in with my shift-working life. I look forward to coming home from a busy shift at the hospital and spending some time connecting with my body and coming home to myself. This platform has been the catalyst for a shift in my life, I have experienced positive changes in both my physical and mental health. I walk taller with more confidence and a quieter mind. To me these classes feel like a flowing, moving meditation while also hanging out with a friend.

 – Chelsey Buckley